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The Quick and Brutal Guide to Health and Wellbeing is a compelling allegory, a fiction which shines a provocative light on our diet and health. Prepare to be shocked and alarmed by how our perceptions of a healthy body and mind are manipulated by those with a vested interest.

The enigmatic Moses—of The Quick and Brutal Guide to Earth and Earthlings—is back, hoping for some quiet time away from it all, a chance to detox and increase the diversity of his microbiome. He comes across an increasingly desperate group who have become hopelessly lost while trekking in the woods. What’s worse is that someone—or something—is following them through the forest... and then one of the group vanishes.

As Moses leads them through the deep-forest, they discuss and dissect the subjects of diet, health and wellbeing. Along the way, they discover how to really eat and live healthier. Their sometimes scandalous, always honest, observations will make you think twice next time you visit your favorite restaurant or supermarket.

This unique and riveting fable may surprise you, but the brutal truth about what you thought was healthy will shock you to your core.

"A nail biting story" - Molly A. Copywriter
"Thought-provoking" - Mervin C. Medical doctor
"This book will jolt you" - Ivan K. Social worker
"An absolute eye-opener" - Rahul A. Writer
"Fascinating" - Vicki P. Paralegal

Genres: Health, Wellbeing, Diet, Detox, Mindfulness, Fiction, Adventure, Suspense
File Size: 1MB+
Print Length: 155 pages
Language: English
Format: PDF

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