A Secret or Two About Me and You (PDF eBook)

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Hailed as "life's textbook" and "eye-opening and raw", A Secret or Two About Me and You is your user manual for life. It's full of concise and pragmatic advice to guide you through the jungle of life.

A Secret or Two About Me and You covers such tectonic subjects as people, the mind, parenting, employment, relationships, life, death and more. Brief yourself every day with a thought or comment to inspire you to outperform not just others, but yourself.

The brutal truth may not always be palatable, pleasing, or easily digestible, but it's far better to be empowered than to be controlled by others. Let one man's lifetime of experience-distilled down to this collection of thought-provoking, contentious and entertaining aphorisms—show you how.

Introducing Graphonics, a system that enables a rich, accurate and efficient reading experience, through written over-text marking.

"Life's text book" - S. Kliska, Biotechnologist
"Intense reading" - M. Engelbrecht, Language practitioner
"Eye-opening and raw" - E. Weinman, Editor
"My students should learn this" - A. Chokheli, Teacher

Genres: Quotes, Aphorisms, Sayings, Proverbs, Rationalism, Pragmatism
File Size: 500KB+
Print Length: 46 pages
Language: English
Format: PDF

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